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If you are travelling abroad you may need travel vaccinations and advice on anti-malaria medication. As soon as your travel plans are confirmed you should contact the surgery to find out what travel vaccinations or anti-malaria medication may be required for your chosen destination. You should give us as much notice as possible as certain travel vaccinations have to be given over an extended period.

You can call into the surgery to collect a Travel Questionnaire. Or you can download a copy of the Travel Questionnaire to complete and return to the Practice Nurse prior to your appointment.

The nurse will then undertake a travel risk assessment for you and you will be able to make an appointment with her to discuss your requirements.

Certain vaccinations required for travel are only available on a private prescription and you will be advised about the charges applicable if this is the case.

Anti-malaria medication is also only available on a private prescription.

We are also a designated Yellow Fever Vaccine Centre.

It is only permissible under the NHS to issue patients with a maximum 3 months supply of medication to cover travel abroad. If your travel plans mean that you will be abroad for longer than 3 months we can prescribe medication on a private basis for which there will be a charge.

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