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Lapworth Surgery has joined forces with thirty-four other GP practices across south Warwickshire to improve the services we can offer to you, our patients. Although you may not immediately notice any changes, we will be working behind the scenes to bring you even better care.

What is a GP Federation?

A federation is a group of GP practices working together to provide health services to patients and share back office resources such as training and purchasing.

With the combination of a growing population and people living longer with more complex health conditions, GP practices need to find better ways of working so that we can continue to provide you with high quality care We have set up South Warwickshire GP (SWGP) to enable us to bid for funding to provide additional services for our communities and reduce the amount of time
spent on administration.

How will this affect me?

All our patients will continue to access services in the normal way. Lapworth Surgery will continue to operate as an independent practice and you will still see the same GPs and practice staff. Most changes will affect ‘back office’ functions where there are opportunities to work together to do things more efficiently.

Benefits for patients

One of the main reasons for setting up the federation was to enable us to bid for funding to provide additional services within our local area. SWGP has already successfully secured funding from South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group to deliver proactive health reviews for people over the age of 75. Under the scheme, we will be contacting patients aged 75 and over to arrange detailed health assessments, with a view to identifying proactive measures to help maintain good health.

Working with our new care coordinator, those patients who are frail or in poorer health will be offered further support in partnership with Age UK Warwickshire, which will cover health and social care needs. This will include helping patients access other services available to them.


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