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Lapworth Patient Participation Group

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 3 June 2019 at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery.

Present: David Johnson ; Katie Hemming; Keisha Roche; Kirsty McMullen Lizza Baines; Simon Lee; Clive Whereat (Chair); Julie Briney (Practice Manager); Dr Gareth Rowland (part)

Apologies: Arthur Prescott, Chris Jacob, Heather Day; Dr Martin Jones, Yvonne Wade

1906 Introductions and welcome

The Chair welcomed Kirsty McMullen who had expressed an interest in joining the Patient Group. Kirsty briefly introduced herself and outlined her interest in supporting the surgery via the Patient Participation Group. All members at the meeting introduced themselves and welcomed Kirsty to the Group


12) That Kirsty McMullen be welcomed as a new member of LPPG

1907 Minutes of meeting held on Monday 4 February 2019

The Chair presented the minutes of the meeting held on 4 February 2019 which had been circulated previously


13) That the minutes of the meeting held on 4 February 2019 be approved

1908 Matters arising

Our representative on South Warwickshire PPG (SWPPG) updated the Group on how GP Plus (extended opening hours at various locations within Warwickshire) was progressing and on the new midwifery service now being provided from 4 main locations and 4 sub Hubs within the South Warwickshire region. Both services appear to be supporting patient need although the GP+ service was not having as great an uptake as originally envisaged.

He advised that a new Lay Member had been appointed for the region, Catherine White, and suggested she be invited to one of our meetings once she had a few months to settle into the role. This was supported by LPPG.

With regard to the kind donation received from a patient to purchase equipment for the surgery in memory of his wife, the Practice Manager advised that another patient had also kindly donated £2500 and as a result in consultation with the doctors it had been agreed to purchase a weight and blood pressure machine which patients could use at their own discretion within the surgery.


14) That David be thanked for his updates

15) That the LPPG record their gratitude for the donations which had enabled additional equipment to be purchased for the direct benefit of patients of Lapworth Surgery

1909 Implementation of Local Network of Surgery Practices

At our last meeting Doctor Rowland advised the Group that as part of the NHS England 10 year plan published in January 2019 changes were being made to GP Contracts with one major change from a surgery perspective resulting from May 2019 in funding for non-core services moving from a local surgery basis to a local network of surgeries consisting of 30000 -50000 patient populations. The intention was that non-core services (such as; physiotherapy, pharmacist services etc.) would over time be purchased by the local network of surgeries partly funded from new money within the NHS and partly from existing local surgery budgets.

Doctor Rowland had kindly agreed to update the LPPG on how this was evolving at this meeting.

Doctor Rowland was welcomed to the meeting and thanked for taking the time out of his busy schedule to update the LPPG on how the local network was evolving in respect of Lapworth Surgery and its other network partners. He advised the Group that he was broadly supportive and optimistic in respect of the initiative, in that he believed it had the potential to enhance services to patients and improve patient outcomes whilst at the same time taking some pressure off GP workload in the long run albeit at the cost of reduced direct income to local surgeries.

Doctor Rowland advised the Group that he had agreed to jointly share the role of Clinical Director for the Local Network along with his counterpart in Henley starting in July. The downside was that this would require his active involvement half a day a week but on balance believed this investment in time would ultimately prove beneficial to patients at Lapworth Surgery in that he would be able to help shape the direction and priorities of the Local Network.

He outlined the initial priorities had been agreed and as a result the Local Network would be looking to employ a pharmacist (in support of people on multiple ongoing medication) and a social prescriber (to help support people suffering from social isolation). These staff would be employed by Henley Surgery but with each of the Local Network surgeries having access to their services on an agreed allocation of time.

He advised that our Local Network area would involve Lapworth surgery, Tanworth in Arden, Henley, Studley, Budbrook, Alcester and Arrow.

In welcoming the initiative and congratulating Doctor Rowland on being appointed as joint Clinical Director for our Local Network, the Group sought assurances that this would not lead to the subsequent amalgamation of Practices within the network particularly since we were now the smallest surgery in the region with a patient population of some 2600. Doctor Rowland reassured the Group that whilst we continued to have a dispensary as part of the Practice surgery as far as he and Doctor Bates were concerned the surgery could continue to operate as a viable service and they too welcomed the fact that they were of a size where they knew the patients and the patients knew them. He reiterated in his opinion this initiative had the potential to enhance patient delivery whilst taking some work pressure off them as GP’s


16) The LPPG welcomed Doctor Rowland’s update and agreed to keep this on the agenda for future meetings

17) That Doctor Rowland be congratulated on being appointed Joint Clinical Director for our Local Network

1910 Preparations for “Flu day” injections 9.30 am to 12.00 noon on Saturday 28 September 2019

The Practice Manager advised the Group that the date of Saturday 28th September had been agreed as the day for flu vaccinations and encouraged the Group to publicise this widely through the PPG email “virtual group” and in the local magazine publications which the Group agreed to do. She advised that as in the previous year tea and cakes would be provided with donations going to a local charity.

The LPPG thought this would be an ideal opportunity for local organisations to also share their activities and events which might benefit those suffering from social isolation or just wanting to broaden their local hobbies and activities. It was suggested the once appointed, the social prescriber appointed as part of the new Local network may also have a part to play in this initiative and the Practice Manager agreed to contact him or her once appointed.


18) The as many LPPG members as possible would make themselves available on 28 September to distribute leaflets on local area activities

19) That the Practice Manager and nominated LPPG members would make contact with local area activity coordinators and invite them to attend on 28 September and extend awareness of their activities to Lapworth surgery patients

1911 Any other business

The Practice Manager informed the Group that the Surgery had been informed that unlike the previous Care Quality Commission (CQC) assessment which had involved a site visit, they would this year be subject to a CQC assessment via a telephone conversation which would take place on 18 June and would focus on changes at the Practice since the last assessment when the surgery was rated GOOD.

The LPPG welcomed the assessment since the Practice is so highly valued by its patients as evidenced by local and national surveys and offered to provide any support should it be required. In respect of the PPG itself the Chair reminded the Group that the information on the Lapworth surgery web site had recently been updated and now showed a summary of how the PPG had evolved and included the minutes of the previous year and this year.

The Practice manager also advised that following a successful trial they were now using a free personalised text messaging services which would enable the Doctors and approved staff to contact patients via this means and inform them for example that their test results had been received.


20) That the updates be noted

Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 7 October 2019 at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery

The meeting concluded at 7.40pm.

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