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Lapworth Patient Participation Group

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 4 June 2018 at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery.

Present: Arthur Prescott; Chris Jacob; David Johnson; Martin Jones; Simon Lee; Yvonne Wade; Clive Whereat (Chair); Julie Briney (Practice Manager); Doctor Gareth Rowland (part).

Apologies: Keisha Roche; Lizza Baines

1806 Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Clive introduced the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 5 February 2018 which were circulated previously and also welcomed Dr Martin Jones who had joined the Group as its newest member. Martin gave a brief resume of his knowledge and experience and was welcomed by the Group who introduced themselves individually.


1) That the minutes of the meeting held on 5th February 2018 be confirmed as a correct record

2) That there were no matters arising not covered in the current meeting agenda

1807 Updates of meetings attended by David Johnson and Clive Whereat since our last PPG meeting

David started by advising that Sue Noyes the Lay representative on the SWCCG had resigned in order to take up a position elsewhere and therefore would not be addressing our meeting this evening as previously planned.

David updated the Group on meetings he had attended on our behalf. In particular he advised on the annual performance via the South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group (SWCCG) for 2017 /18 which he summarised as being good in terms of service to patients and waiting lists were improving in our area. However he reported that there were ongoing concerns regarding ambulance handover to hospitals; achieving the A&E 4 hour waiting target; and cancer referrals timeframe.

David advised that financially the results for 2017/18 were a £5.9m budget deficit on an overall budget of some £380m which would be carried forward to 2018/19.For 2018/19 the budget remained at £380m but that relied upon achieving £17m quality improvement (QUIP) targets to fund service pressures.

David also commented on a presentation he had attended from The Carers Trust (Heart of England Group) with a focus on improving the life and experience of carers.

Clive advised he had attended an NHS England all day event held in Birmingham. He advised that the main focus of the event was on the lessons and good practice learned from areas that had piloted extended GP opening hours covering early evenings and weekends. He advised that the clear message was that extended opening were a requirement being placed on all local CCGs to provide with the service implementation date being brought forward to October 2018. Clive advised, in a direct response to a question from a member of the audience, representatives from NHS England had confirmed that new money was being provided to support this initiative and was not subject to top slicing.

Clive also updated the Group on the other half of the NHS England day which was largely focussed on successful self-help groups which had been set up and led by the public (supported by NHS) which had been shown to reduce ongoing demand on GP surgeries and A&E. Clive suggested this was further evidence of the need to ensure we were effectively signposting people to the various Groups, bodies and initiatives within our area.


3) That the updates from David and Clive be noted

4) That the Practice Manager be asked to liaise with the Doctors to identify any health needs or trends within the Practice population that might benefit from signposting activities in our area to support patients and improve patient outcomes

1808 Virtual PPG and approval of proposed survey and magazine article

Julie advised that the surgery held approximately 900 email addresses and they had not objected to the LPPG being able to contact them via the Surgery to update on LPPG activities and to seek views in support of our declared aim of keeping GP services local and responsive to the needs of its patient population. Clive advised this meant we had been able to create a “virtual PPG” providing access to some 40% of our patient population.

He has previously sent the Group a draft of four questions that it was proposed to ask this Virtual Group their views regarding the establishment of GP Hubs in Leamington Spa and Stratford as the SWCCG likely response to meet the extended GP opening hours(referred to earlier in the meeting regarding NHS England). Clive also expressed his thanks to Arthur Prescott who had taken those four questions (plus two further one’s regarding age and gender) and set up a potential survey questionnaire to be sent out to members of the virtual PPG via “Survey Monkey” a free software tool for up to 10 questions and 100 people.

Arthur explained he had piloted this with LPPG members and 7 had responded so he was able to share at the meeting what the survey questions looked like and how the results would be presented if utilised and sent out to the virtual PPG. A discussion then ensued on how to actually launch this via the virtual group but also via the local parish magazines.


5) That Arthur be thanked for his efforts and the use of survey monkey using the questions as shared with the PPG be approved

6) That Arthur, Clive and Julie meet prior to circulation of the questionnaire to finalise the details

7) That Clive liaise with Simon and Yvonne to approve an article on this subject to be included within the local Parish magazines

1809 National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP) bulletins

This had previously been circulated and a brief discussion was held on five particular issues that had been highlighted in those NAPP bulletins namely Online GP Consultations; General Data Protection (GDPR) new legislation; Causes of loneliness; change of GP contracts; and online hospital appointments.


8) That the NAPP bulletins and information contained within them be noted

1810 Any other business

Julie updated the Group of national changes to the Patient Access site and advised it had resulted in the site crashing last Thursday and patients being unable to book online. She also advised that local dispensaries (as opposed to pharmacies) had not been included on the nominated dispensary part of the site and therefore advised to either leave blank or put Lapworth Surgery (if site allows) if you wished to continue getting prescriptions from the surgery.

Doctor Rowland advised that the new car parking spaces, which had now received planning permission, were about to be created with contractors on site but it was hoped to minimise the impact on patient access and parking during this time.


9) That the updates from Julie and Doctor Rowland be noted

1811 Dates of next meetings

Dates of next meetings were requested


10) The dates of next two meetings were agreed as Monday 1st October 2018 and Monday 4th February 2019

The meeting concluded at 7.45pm.

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