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Lapworth Patient Participation Group

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 5 February at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery.

Present: Arthur Prescott; Chris Jacob; David Johnson; Lizza Baines; Lynne Buckle; Simon Lee; Yvonne Wade; Clive Whereat (chair) ; Julie Briney (Practice Manager); Doctor Gareth Rowland (part)

Apologies: Keisha Roche. Jemma Gallagher also gave her apologies and advised that due to family and work commitments she was tendering her resignation as a member of the LPPG Group. The Group wished her all the best and thanked her for her support and hoped she would become a member of the virtual group which was currently being established.

1801 Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the meeting of held on Monday 2 October 2017 were submitted


1) That the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 2 October 2017 be confirmed as a correct record

2) That there were no matters arising not covered in the current meeting agenda

1802 Update on Health Watch and South Warwickshire Partnership meetings

David updated the Group on meetings he had attended on our behalf. In particular he advised that the South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group had appointed a new Lay Representative Sue Noyes and she had expressed a wish to meet with individual PPG Groups.

In addition David advised of two meetings that may be of interest to PPG members namely “Have your Say Day” on 14 March 2018 6.30 – 8.30 at the Lomas Suite Stratford Hospital; and NHS England “Improving Access to General Practice” to be held in Birmingham on 21 February. He advised this was the hot topic of the moment including extended opening hours access to GPs. Anyone wishing to register could do so on [email protected]

Clive advised that he had attended a meeting of Healthwatch Warwickshire held in Leamington in November which was represented by a number of PPG Groups and NHS professionals. He had circulated the slides from the meeting for which the focus was a proposal to set up a standing conference on consumer voice. This was led by the Chief Executive of the National Association for Public Participation (NAPP).

At the meeting representatives were advised that over 1400 PPGs are members of NAPP (including our own PPG) and combined they have the opportunity to reach some 13 million patients. Their focus was on building better participation and a commitment to sharing best practice and learning from local PPGs and local Healthwatch.

The meeting advised that there was a big national agenda regarding Health and Social Care and therefore there was a big opportunity for patient voices to inform and influence. The Health and Social Care agenda echoed much of the discussions being raised at the meetings David had attended.

In the discussion by the PPG which followed, whilst supporting the Healthcare Warwickshire aspirations to set up a standing conference to share information and learning, there was a general feeling that the national agenda seemed to be driving forward on the assumption of “bigger is better” and a “one fits all” approach to service delivery which did not necessarily mirror local need. An example was the drive for extended hours for GP appointments which when trialled at our surgery had resulted in vacant appointments not being required. It was acknowledged however in other surgeries there were documented concerns from patients waiting weeks to get an appointment and therefore extended hours in those areas may prove advantageous.

The PPG concluded our launch of a virtual PPG Group (see later in the Agenda) was a way of ensuring we could contact our patient population speedily and efficiently and make sure we could ensure their views were reflected with regard to current and any future possible changes that might impact on the excellent service we receive from our Doctors and their staff.


3 That the updates from David and Clive be noted

4) (That Ms Sue Noyes the newly appointed Lay Representative on the South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group be invited to address our next meeting (note: she has subsequently accepted this invitation)

5) That if at all possible a representative from the PPG attend the meetings to be held in Birmingham and Stratford and report back to our next meeting

1803 Update on introduction of virtual PPG

Julie updated the Group on progress on launching a virtual PPG Group which had the potential to enable us to access some 900 out of the 2500 patients registered with Lapworth Surgery. Julie reassured the Group that at no time would the PPG have access to the patient email addresses or records but it would allow us, via the surgery, to share information and seek feedback from the patient population who consented for such use.

As a result, having trialled it to ensure it worked, and having created new links to the Surgery and PPG web pages to provide patients with more information prior to making a decision, (as well as showing a power-point presentation on the TV in the Waiting Room at the Surgery) it was planned to send an email via the surgery to every patient whose email address it held advising of them of the new email offer available to them.
Subject to PPG support it was proposed that the email would be sent out the day following this meeting and Julie advised that patients would be able to opt out if they didn’t wish to make use of this service.

Clive thanked Julie for her efforts in making this happen and to other members of the PPG who had helped to pull together the power-point presentation

Chris welcomed the planned introduction of the virtual PPG but also queried whether we should extend our presence further and highlighted as an example Lapworth.org a local Lapworth website which had stated recently “the website gives every club and society in the area an opportunity to have an online presence and it is completely free. He offered to research this further.


6) That the PPG welcomed the launch of an email service to those patients who wished to take advantage of it

7) That Julie be thanked for her efforts in making this happen

8) That once launched we seek to engage more widely with our local patient population through the use of the email service which we had termed a “virtual PPG”

9) That Chris look further into the possible use of Lapworth.org as a possible additional communication tool and report back at next meeting

1804 Extended Access Patient Survey

Clive advised the Group that extended access is a national initiative from NHS England to provide additional GP appointments Monday to Friday 6.30 – 8pm and weekend opening on Saturday and Sunday 8am to 8pm.

Doctor Rowland was invited to join us and advise the PPG on any identified need (perceived or otherwise) within the Lapworth Surgery Practice and how he envisaged such a service being delivered within the Warwickshire area if implemented.

Doctor Rowland advised the Group that his understanding was that extended access was proposed to be implemented by 1 October 2018 and the South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group was currently considering how to deliver this service. It was understood this would involve delivery of an out of hours service at a series of Hubs located around Warwickshire such as within Warwick, Leamington and Stratford.

Doctor Rowland advised that if this happened the most likely scenario would be that within normal Surgery Opening hours patients would be able to access their local GP but outside of those hours GP services would be accessed via the local Hubs.

Members of the PPG were reassured this would have no impact of excellent the day to day service they receive from Doctors and staff at Lapworth Surgery but queried in what way the local Hubs would be any different from the Walk in Service currently provided within the grounds of Solihull Hospital.

They also queried whether there was any proven demand or need for this extended hours service from Patients currently registered with Lapworth Surgery given the current extended opening hours offer at the surgery had seen low take up.
It was acknowledged that certain patient groups might benefit from extended hours but certainly within those present at the meeting the overwhelming view was that if possible people would prefer to wait and see their own doctor who knew them and understood their medical history and would therefore only be likely to utilise these hubs in a medical emergency that did not involve a 999 call or a visit to Accident and Emergency.

The Group also felt this was a perfect example of where we would benefit in the future from a virtual PPG Group so we could ask patients their views directly and feedback their responses accordingly.


10) That Doctor Rowland be thanked for joining the meeting to explain the implications on Lapworth Surgery from his perspective on the introduction of extended hours; and the possible implications and benefits to patients from this being rolled out within South Warwickshire within the next 6 months

11) That the Chairman be asked to reflect the views of the meeting in his response to the Survey on behalf of the PPG

1805 Election of Chairman for 2018.

At the last meeting Clive had indicated that whilst he had enjoyed his year as Chairman and was grateful for the support he had received he felt it was in the long term interest of the PPG if there was a new Chair elected each year with the previous Chair then becoming the Deputy Chair.
Clive advised the Group that whilst he still personally felt this was the case he acknowledged that others within the Group felt that a longer period as Chair would be more beneficial
Clive left the meeting at this stage with Julie leading the discussion as to the merits or otherwise of the Chair rotating every year or two years.


12) That Clive be invited to remain as Chair for a further year which he subsequently accepted.

The meeting concluded at 8.05pm

Date of next meetings (to be held at Lapworth Surgery at 6.30pm)

  • Monday 4th June 2018

  • Monday 1st October 2018

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