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Lapworth Patient Participation Group

Minutes of meeting held via email exchange week ending 7 June 2020.

Persons involved in email exchange : Lizza Baines; Katie Daniel; Heather Day; Chris Jacob, David Johnson; Martin Jones; Simon Lee; Arthur Prescott: Yvonne Wade; Clive Whereat (Chair); Julie Briney (Practice Manager); Dr Caron Bates; Dr Gareth Rowland; Dr James Sutton

2008 Minutes of meeting held on Monday 2 March 2020

The minutes of the meeting held on 2 March 2020 were presented


1) That the minutes of the meeting held on 2 March 2020 be approved

2009 Matters arising

All matters arising were covered within the reports circulated for this meeting.


2) That there were no matters arising not covered within the June 2020 agenda

2010 Update report on South Warwickshire PPPG (SW3PG)

Our representative on this Board advised that since our last meeting, due to Coronavirus Pandemic, on health and safety grounds all planned meetings for the SW3PG had been cancelled as had the Gateway Group. Members had however shared email addresses to allow urgent issues to be raised.

He advised that a survey was being conducted by Healthwatch in Coventry and Warwickshire regarding the impact of the pandemic on individual homes and families from a health perspective and had circulated this to LPPG members asking for their support in completing the survey to ensure Lapworth Surgery patients were represented in the survey returns.

On behalf of the surgery and Lapworth Patient Participation Group our representative had sought assistance via SW3PG to improve the bulk email notification system to patients currently operated and administered by MJOG as part of an NHS contract. Some 900 patients registered with Lapworth Surgery have agreed to receive information through this vehicle enabling us to establish a “virtual PPG” for those interested in the activities of the surgery and the PPG without wishing to attend formal meetings.

A problem has arisen in that the MJOG system attaches subject references which in many cases triggers individual’s spam / junk filters on their email accounts or other security measures to block viruses, Trojans , phishing mail etc. This means many email registered patients are not receiving important information from the surgery into their inbox – a major flaw in the service particularly as it is an important tool in passing on information quickly to patients during the current COVID pandemic.

The query raised by our representative revealed that other surgeries with the South Warwickshire region are facing the same problem. As a result this was escalated to the supplier MJOG but with a disappointing response that “it was to do with user settings and people would need to be informed how to accept the messages…… MJOG are aware of the issues but with so many devices and so many personal settings they are unable to respond as a company in any other way”

Given this is such an important tool for sharing information speedily and it has an impact on some 900 patients and their families who have registered for this service LPPG members expressed their dissatisfaction with this response from MJOG and suggested it would be in the interests of the NHS and the surgery to find other modes of mass communication with our patients.

In the meantime the LPPG has sought to share urgent messages from the surgery via other means as well, such as using social media and notice boards and local publications in order to ensure as many people as possible were made aware of the information.

Importantly the Doctors at the surgery have also ensured they made contact individually with all patients at high risk as a consequence of COVID 19 virus and the LPPG wish to place on record their thanks to the doctors and staff at the surgery for doing this despite the other competing pressures they are facing as a result of the pandemic


3) That David be thanked for his report

4) That the LPPG register in the strongest possible terms their concerns that the MJOG bulk email system is failing to deliver the needs of patients because of the way it has been structured leading to important information from the surgery going into people’s spam/ junk folders rather than their inbox.

2011 Changes taking place at the Surgery

The Practice Manager report updated the Group on an array of changes and enhancements to services that have and are taking place within the surgery in response to the requirements to deliver within the NHS 10 year Plan and improve outcomes for patients whilst also meeting the immediate challenges faced as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic

She advised the surgery now has all new computers with windows 10 and office 365 installed. Although this was scheduled to be completed in 3 days the changeover resulted in a number of problems which are only now at the final stages of resolution, some 6 weeks after the initial implementation. This had placed considerable stress and added pressure on staff at the surgery at an incredibly challenging time because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

On a positive note a new phone system has been up and running since March which surgery staff are really pleased with, especially since during the pandemic staff have been able to work at different locations to continue providing a service as the phones are easy to transfer and use. Whilst it is acknowledged patients receive a long message at the start when calling the surgery, this is a necessary and important response to the pandemic at the current time.

As noted at the last meeting Roslyn and Caroline, two long serving reception staff with nearly 50 years’ service between them left at the end of April. The LPPG wishes them a long and happy retirement and thanks for their outstanding support to the patients at Lapworth Surgery. Two new members of staff have now joined the surgery team so a warm welcome to Sheran and Lisa

A lot of changes have been made to the surgery due to COVID 19 the key one’s being:

  • The Practice Manager’s room has temporarily been converted into clinical room at the back of the surgery with new flooring to comply with regulations and safety for patients and staff

  • Protective screens are now at the reception desk.

  • Surgery walkways have now been covered in plastic that sticks to the carpet for infection control purposes so that staff are able to see patients safely

  • Please note it has been necessary to restrict prescriptions collections from the surgery to between 2pm – 4.30 pm only and please allow 72 hours for the dispensary to complete medication requests .Patients are being asked not to attend surgery or queue or ring up before this as it is causing problems not only for dispensary and reception staff but also patients scheduled for an appointment with the Doctors. Patients are reminded they can still obtain over the counter medications such as hayfever / pain relief from supermarkets and chemists.

The surgery is now starting to book patients in for smears and pneumonia vaccinations with our nurse Jane if patients are due to be seen. She is also contacting patients via telephone who are on the chronic disease registers for their annual reviews

The surgery is currently in the process of doing some forward planning to look at how best to deliver flu vaccinations for surgery patients in the run up to winter with social distancing requirements still likely to be in place and the possibility of a second wave of the COVIV-19 pandemic later this year. Hopefully that will not occur but better to be prepared for all eventualities.

In respect of the Arden Primary Care Network (of which Lapworth Surgery is one of seven surgeries within our Local Network and through which most additional NHS primary care funding will now be channelled) the Practice Manager advised that a new pharmacist will be joining our Network in July to work alongside Sheetal. The Network is also in the process of recruiting another social prescriber to replace Amanda who left in April.

Finally the Practice Manager wished to place on record, on behalf of the Doctors and staff, her thanks to all the volunteers for assisting with dispensary deliveries, masks and scrubs which is very much appreciated. Thanks must also go to all the patients for their understanding and patience during the current COVID situation. She advised that staff have been working under extreme pressures and the help support and understanding from everyone within the community has helped them get through this.


5) That the update on the changes within the surgery providing the potential for improved patient outcomes be welcomed

6) That the Doctors, nurse, dispensary staff , Practice Manager and all her support staff be thanked for their efforts in looking after its patients in such a caring and supportive way during these unprecedented times

7) That the LPPG adds its thanks and gratitude to the numerous volunteers who have provided support to the Surgery and its patients during the COVID 19 pandemic

2012 LPPG Priorities for 2020/21

The Chair issued a paper outlining the development of Lapworth PPG and referred people to the PPG tab within the Lapworth Surgery website which outlines how the PPG has evolved and its priorities and goals and achievements to date.

Following an exchange of emails and discussion it was agreed the purpose of the Lapworth PPG would continue to be “to keep Lapworth Surgery local and responsive to the needs of its patients” which was supported by 99% of the Lapworth Surgery Patient population in a survey in 2018.

Three new key goals were agreed for the 2020/21 building on the 4 goals set our since the LPPG evolved in 2014/15. The seven goals agreed are as follows:

  • Continue to maintain family and friends test “would you recommend the surgery to your family and friends”

  • Continue to make the LPPG as closely representative as possible of the patient population of the surgery

  • Continue the process of communicating with our local community about who we are and what we are trying to achieve

  • Continue Fund raising to provide support and equipment as and when necessary to benefit patients that would not otherwise be available under standard NHS funding

  • Support the Arden Primary Care Network as it evolves as a key delivery vehicle for keeping Lapworth surgery local and responsive to the needs of its patients (new goal)

  • The LPPG will make itself available to support Lapworth surgery and its patients and staff by whatever means possible in response to the COVID 19 virus whilst continuing to maintain core services for those patients with other non- COVID related medical needs.(new goal)

  • Keep Lapworth Surgery building and services provided there under constant and regular review in order to provide the best and most comprehensive care and services possible to patients within the constraints of the site.(new goal)

In order to enhance the skills mix of the existing LPPG members to help deliver on its goals it was agreed the LPPG would actively seek to recruit a small number of additional members who can support the LPPG through their digital skills; expertise in social media and publishing; and also see if we can attract recruit(s) from the 18-25 age group to expand the current age range represented on the LPPG.


8) That LPPG Priorities for 2020/21 be approved

9) That the LPPG actively seek to recruit additional members with digital skills; expertise in social media and publishing; and those representing the 18-25 age group.

2013 LPPG supporting the community during COVID 19

The Chair produced a report outlining the active engagement of the LPPG members both collectively and individually supporting the surgery and the local community in response to the COVID -19 pandemic. Other members shared their own experiences and involvement. The list includes:

  • Liaising and communicating with Doctor Rowland, the Parish Council and the Lapworth Charity to identify the challenges the surgery and its patients were likely to face as a result of COVID 19. Arising from that three main work-streams were identified namely

    1. a last resort prescription delivery service for vulnerable patients and those having to self-isolate without recourse to family and friends to collect prescriptions on their behalf

    2. Grocery delivery service for the same cohort of people

    3. telephone conversation line for those alone and feeling isolated

  • A fourth strand was subsequently identified

    • making of scrubs, scrub bags and face masks for the surgery and wider community

As a result, in conjunction with Lapworth Parish Council and the Lapworth Charity the LPPG has helped establish Lapworth Volunteers which now has a database of over 120 volunteers to help deliver prescriptions, groceries, and hold regular friendly telephone calls to those who have requested it. A dedicated specialist sewing group has been established to make scrubs, scrub bags and masks as required and a new group has recently been established led by the Volunteers arranging food parcels to be delivered free of charge to homes in need in our village.

The LPPG has led on the prescription delivery service with David Johnson leading a dedicated team of 10 volunteers including 5 from the LPPG itself. The service has been running for 11 weeks now and a total of 191 deliveries have taken place up to 5 June. The Lapworth Charity has awarded us a grant of £500 to pay volunteers their petrol costs given the wide area the surgery covers and the Parish Council has funded a dedicated phone line linking the surgery with the prescription delivery coordinator.

Individual members of the LPPG have also provided support through their local churches in supporting their parishioners and providing support for elderly and residents at high risk and in need within the local community.

The specialist sewing team are now responding to the advice for masks to be worn when on public transport and when social distancing is problematic by making home-made masks available via the Parish Council helpline or via the Post Office in Lapworth. Although the volunteers are giving their time freely, a voluntary donation of £5 is being requested with all proceeds going to Lapworth Primary School to help them meet any unforeseen costs from COVID-19

Dedicated telephone numbers and an email address have been set up by the Parish Council as follows:

  • Prescription delivery requests – via the surgery number 01564 783983

  • Grocery delivery service via Parish Council Helpline 01564 781360

  • Help and chatline via Parish Council Helpline 01564 781360

  • Email [email protected]

In addition the Lapworth Charity has indicated they may be able to offer financial support to families experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID -19 outbreak and they may also be able to provide grants to organisations who are supporting those who are confined to their home by the outbreak. Contact Helen Wollerton via email [email protected]


10) That the work by volunteers in support of the surgery and its patients be noted

11) That the volunteers be thanked for all their hard work and support which is greatly valued and much appreciated

12) That the LPPG express their thanks to Lapworth Parish Council and the Lapworth Charity for their financial support to the LPPG during the COVID 19 outbreak

13) Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting was agreed as Monday 5 October

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