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Lapworth Patient Participation Group

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 2 March 2020 at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery.

Present: Lizza Baines; Heather Day; Chris Jacob, David Johnson; Martin Jones; Simon Lee; Arthur Prescott: Yvonne Wade; Clive Whereat (Chair); Julie Briney (Practice Manager); Dr Gareth Rowland (part)

Apologies: Katie Hemming; Kirsty McMullen; Keisha Roche;

2001 Minutes of meeting held on Monday 30 September 2019

The Chair presented the minutes of the meeting held on 30 September 2019 which had been circulated previously

1.)That the minutes of the meeting held on 3o September 2019 be approved

2002 Matters arising

Our representative on the South Warwickshire CCG (SWCCG) updated the Group on the key issues facing the CCG. He advised the “hot topics” at the moment included the continued development within our region of the Practice Networks ; new technologies being rolled out within surgeries; and the development of the new web site covering all Practices in our Region. He flagged a concern that the SWCCG (which was one of the better performing CCGs nationally in respect of delivering within budget) was projecting a significant deficit for the year ending 31 March 2020 and advised there was a meeting next week when this would be discussed in more detail.


2) That the update on the SWCCG be noted

3) That this be kept as a standing item on our agendas for 2020

2003 Election of Chair for 2020/21

The existing Chair Clive Whereat was nominated for the role and this was supported by the Group unopposed.

4) That Clive Whereat be elected as Chair of Lapworth PPG for 2020/21

2004 Changes taking place at the Surgery

The Practice Manager updated the Group on an array of changes and enhancements to services that were taking place within the surgery in response to the requirements to deliver within the NHS 10 year Plan and improve outcomes for patients.

She advised of a number of system upgrades within the surgery which needed to be implemented by 31 March 2020 in order to take advantage of additional funding made available from NHS England.

In particular a new telephone system had been implemented with effect from 24 February which was able to record calls for a period of 3 years and was able to call up patient details instantly thereby speeding up the process for patients. It also enables receptionists to know how many people were trying to get through at any one time and ensure calls are picked up in the order in which the patient called.

Whilst acknowledging that at the moment the message a patient receives upon dialling the surgery is quite long, this is in part due to the need to advise patients on the coronavirus and to not come to the surgery if they suspect they have the virus or may have been exposed to it. The Practice Manager hoped that everyone would show patience and understanding whilst the system is bedding in and staff and patients get used to it.

She further advised that as of 3 March 2020 the surgery was also offering the opportunity for patients to contact our surgery Doctors via Econsult which could be accessed via the Lapworth Surgery web site. This would provide the opportunity for patients registered at the surgery to provide their symptoms and requests on-line and ask the Doctors for their advice with the Doctors aiming to provide a response by 6.30 pm the day following receipt of the request. In response to questions from LPPG members present regarding E Consult they were advised it will require a patient to complete a two page form but based on trials elsewhere it is hoped over time this would reduce the number of Doctor telephone calls. It was stressed this did not replace Doctor appointments but would enable patients with potentially low level medical needs to complete the form at a time to suit themselves and get a response the following day.

The Practice Manager went on to urge as many people as possible with access to a computer, iphone, ipad or android technology to download the NHS app which had been launched by the NHS and would enable people to make appointments on-line, access their medical records, along with a whole host of additional facilities. In discussions it was suggested this would be a more enhanced service than the current Patient Access app (which had previously been developed in partnership with the NHS) and with greater security provisions. The Chair advised that he had downloaded the app and although considering himself to be quite “low tech” he had found it easy to download and use.

Completing a very busy month for the Surgery LPPG members were advised it was in the process of linking the surgery to a single domain enabling them to securely and safely link with Warwick Hospital. At the same time the surgery would be receiving new computers with windows 10 software in order to be compliant with NHS security requirements from 1 April 2020.


5) That the update on the changes within the surgery providing the potential for improved patient outcomes be welcomed

6) That the Practice Manager and all her support staff be thanked for their efforts during an incredibly busy time to meet NHS deadlines and as a consequence access NHS delivery funds.

2005 Local Primary Network update

LPPG members were reminded that Lapworth Surgery was now part of a Local Network of 7 Surgeries within our Region known as Arden Primary Network with much of the promised NHS England additional funding being channelled through the Network rather than direct to Local Surgeries.

Doctor Rowland kindly agreed to attend the meeting and update the Group on progress on how the Local Network was progressing. In welcoming him the Chair advised the Group he had been invited and attended a meeting of the Arden Primary Network involving all PPG Chairs within our Network and had been reassured by the expressed aim of our Local Network to keep all of the existing Practices open.

Dr Rowland advised that after a number of concerns from Doctors locally and nationally around the proposed funding mechanisms and consequential additional requirements on GPs, NHS England had responded to those concerns and made changes to the scheme for 2020 and 2021. As a result Arden Primary Network had signed up to the new initiative which could see an increase in surgery staff numbers (shared between the 7 Surgeries within our Local Network) from 2 new staff for the year ending 31March 2020 to 23 or 24 staff by 2024 with the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes whilst also reducing the increasing burden on our existing GPs.

Importantly funding for those staff had been increased to 100% rather the 70% originally proposed which would have required potentially unsustainable budget reductions within individual Local Surgeries He further advised that Arden Primary Network were looking at ways of reducing the administrative burden that had been placed on staff at Henley in Arden Surgery which had taken on the role of Lead Practice for our Local Network.

In response to questions on how the LPPG and “virtual” PPG (our registered email Group consisting of some 900 patients registered at our surgery) he suggested it might be helpful if he could use this Group to establish patient priorities for how these planned additional staffing resources could best be used to meet patient need within our area.


7) That the update from Doctor Rowland on progress on Arden Primary Network be welcomed

8) That the LPPG would be happy to support the use of this Group and the virtual email group to help determine local priorities on how the additional staffing resources can meet current and emerging patient need up to 2024

2006 LPPG Priorities for 2020/21

In view of the update from Doctor Rowland regarding Arden Primary Network and the technological changes currently being implemented within the surgery it was agreed to carry forward this item to our next meeting on Monday 1 June and in the meantime to review our currently agreed priorities which can be found on the Lapworth Surgery web site under the heading PPG History of Lapworth and Who are we. Minutes of our last two years meetings can also be found on this site


9) That LPPG Priorities for 2020/21 be considered at our next meeting on 1 June 2020

2007 Any other business

Questions were raised regarding how the surgery was keeping patients informed regarding the coronavirus; the positioning of the new bike rack; the choice of background music within the surgery waiting room; and updating the notice board all of which the Practice Manager advised upon.

A query was raised asking whether the Doctors and the Surgery would be willing to show display a poster within the Surgery and potentially the whole Arden Primary Network outlining available local support services for those patients suffering from tinnitus which Doctor Rowland was happy to agree to.

The Practice Manager advised that two long serving members of the Reception staff with combined service of 46 years at Lapworth surgery were retiring and she would therefore be recruiting for replacements.


10) That the updates be noted

11) That the LPPG express their thanks and gratitude to the two-reception staff who have announced their retirement and wish them a happy and healthy retirement with our thanks for their dedicated service to the patients of Lapworth Surgery

Date of next meeting

12) Date of next meetings
The date of the next meetings were agreed as Monday 1 June 2020 and Monday 8 October at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery

The meeting concluded at 7.50pm

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