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Lapworth Patient Participation Group

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 30 september 2019 at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery.

Present: Heather Day; Martin Jones; Simon Lee; Yvonne Wade; Clive Whereat (Chair); Julie Briney (Practice Manager); Dr Caron Bates(part); Dr Gareth Rowland (part); Dr James Sutton (all)

Apologies: Arthur Prescott; Chris Jacob; David Johnson ; Katie Hemming; ;Keisha Roche; Kirsty McMullen Lizza Barnes

1912 Introductions and welcome

The Chair welcomed Heather Day who had expressed an interest in joining the Patient Group. All members at the meeting introduced themselves and welcomed Heather to the Group.

Dr Rowland introduced Dr James Sutton who was well known to the Group having acted as a Locum at the Practice over many years. Dr Rowland advised that Dr Sutton was joining the Practice as a new Partner and would begin working in that capacity from Thursday 3 October. The LPPG welcomed the appointment and invited Dr Sutton to stay and contribute to the meeting to which he kindly agreed.


13) That Dr James Sutton be welcomed as a new Partner at Lapworth Surgery and Heather Day be welcomed as a new member of LPPG

1913 Minutes of meeting held on Monday 3 June 2019

The Chair presented the minutes of the meeting held on 3 June 2019 which had been circulated previously


14) That the minutes of the meeting held on 3 June 2019 be approved

1914 Matters arising

The Practice Manager advised that the “Flu Day” injections had taken place as planned between 9.30 am and 12 noon on Saturday 28th September with 240 patients receiving the flu vaccination and over £420 raised for the Air Ambulance Service from donations received on the day for the tea, coffee and cakes (including diabetic cakes) kindly provided by staff and patients and enthusiastically consumed by flu clinic attendees.

The Practice Manager advised additional flu clinics were planned for a Tuesday and Thursday in October plus one Wednesday late night clinic. Many patients had expressed the view that it had been nice to catch up with familiar faces and meet some old and new acquaintances.

The Chair thanked and congratulated all those involved and wished to personally thank Arthur Prescott and Heather Day for their time and support in representing the LPPG on that morning and help distribute leaflets and share information regarding local activities and community events taking place in Lapworth and the surrounding areas.


15) That the outcome of the flu injection morning be welcomed and staff and patients be thanked for their support for the coffee morning held at the same time, which resulted in donations of over £420 for the Air Ambulance Service

16) That the LPPG record their thanks to the local organisations and Parish Council which had kindly produced leaflets outlining activities and events within Lapworth and surrounding areas and to Arthur Prescott and Heather Day for helping distribute those leaflets at the flu injection morning.

1915 Acknowledgment of 10 years distinguished service to the community by Dr Caron Bates and Doctor Gareth Rowland

In their absence it was observed (but not minuted) at the previous LPPG meeting that in September 2019 it would be 10 years since Dr Bates and Dr Rowland took over formally as Partners at Lapworth Surgery and it was unanimously agreed the LPPG would like to do something to celebrate that event and formally acknowledge their outstanding service to the patients of Lapworth Surgery over the past decade.

The Chair welcomed Dr Bates and Dr Rowland to the meeting and formally thanked them on behalf of the LPPG for their 10 years of dedicated service. He also presented them with a book entitled “Dr Caron Bates and Dr Gareth Rowland Thanks for 10 years outstanding service”. He advised this had been personally signed by over 150 people at the Flu injection morning with each page reflecting individual patient’s own personal message of support and congratulations to both Doctors.


17) That on behalf of the LPPG and the patient community of Lapworth Surgery Dr Bates and Dr Rowland be thanked for their outstanding service over the past 10 years.

1916 Progress on Local Network of Surgeries for our area

In his role as joint Clinical Director for the Local Network of 7 surgeries for our area (which involves Lapworth surgery, Tanworth in Arden, Henley, Studley, Budbrook, Alcester and Harrow.) Dr Rowland updated the PPG on progress since the Network was established. He advised that a Clinical Pharmacist Sheetal Kotecha had been employed by our Local Network and would she would be working with all surgeries within the Local Network reviewing systems and carrying out strategic medication reviews to ensure maximum benefit for patients on multiple medications.

A social prescriber, Amanda Cogley, had also been appointed by the Local Network and would commence her duties on 1 October. He advised the Group that social prescribing is when health professionals refer patients to support in the community in order to improve their health and wellbeing.

Dr Rowland advised that under the new NHS 10 year plan further additional funding for such initiatives was anticipated from April 2020 which would enable additional staffing support for Sheetal and Amanda as their roles developed and the extent of need established in consultation with the Local Network of GP’s.

He also advised that as currently envisaged within the NHS 10 year plan the additional funding for GP services would go up sequentially over the next 5 years potentially allowing up to 20 additional people to be appointed by the Local Network over a variety of areas and activities supporting our Local Network of GP’s.


18) That Dr Rowland be thanked for his update and asked to keep LPPG informed of progress and any improved patient outcomes as a result of these appointments

1917 Updates on meetings attended by LPPG representatives

The Chairman advised that Yvonne Wade had attended a Standing Conference on behalf of LPPG entitled “Making a Difference; How to get your voice heard to influence change” Yvonne had distributed a summary of the event and keynote speakers prior to the meeting and provided a further update at the meeting.

Yvonne advised that she was pleased to see that the event was attended by a mixed group of ages and from a wide background of experiences from Practising Professionals and Patient Representatives. She came away with a better understanding of the aims and aspirations of the NHS 10 year plan but with a clear message (in a presentation by Prof Chris Ham, ex-CEO of the Kings Fund) that over the 10 year period, despite the planned injection of additional funds into the NHS, the NHS was never going to have sufficient funding to meet all patient expectations and therefore there would be a need to make choices and priorities over where the additional funding went to support patient need, and also a need to manage patient expectations.

In order to “get your voice to influence change” the message coming from the Conference was for PPG’s to compile a list of competences of PPG representatives to ensure they have the skills to support and represent their patient community. Yvonne suggested that we should do this, and also that it would be beneficial if two representatives could attend any future conferences to obtain a broader perspective.

The Chair thanked Yvonne for her presentation and for representing LPPG at the Conference. In the discussion that followed it was agreed that if we were to carry out such a competency review (which was supported in principle) it would be important to agree the priorities for LPPG for the forthcoming years and then identify any skill gaps within the LPPG which might impact on its ability to deliver those plans; and then actively seek to recruit people to the Group with those skills.

The Chair then tabled a summary of the South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group PPPG update report provided by David, our designated representative. The LPPG noted the report and its content and agreed to defer further discussion until the next meeting.


19) That Yvonne be thanked for attending the Conference on behalf of LPPG and for her presentation

20) That at its next meeting the LPPG determine its priorities for 2020/21 and as part of that process identify any gaps in representation or skills shortfall that would hinder its ability to deliver on those priorities.

1918 Dispensary Service

The Practice Manager advised, in line with NHS guidance, the surgery now offers electronic prescribing for those who required it due to their patient need. Given Lapworth Surgery is now the smallest Surgery in South Warwickshire, in response to queries from LPPG members on whether retaining a dispensary within the surgery was a key part of the ongoing surgery viability, the Practice Manager confirmed that was case but reiterated electronic prescribing will be an important offer for some members of the local patient community.

In response to a further query it was confirmed there was not the option within the NHS electronic prescribing offer to “mix and match” and sometimes collect from the surgery and other times via the electronic prescription service.


21) That the update on the Dispensary service be noted

1919 Results of latest CQC assessment of Lapworth Surgery

The Practice Manager advised that following a telephone assessment by the Care Quality Commission in July of this year Lapworth Surgery had subsequently been notified it has retained its GOOD rating.


22) That Lapworth Surgery retaining its GOOD rating as determined by the Care Quality Commission be welcomed and Doctors and staff be thanks for their continued efforts and support to patients which brought about this result

1920 Results of 2019 National Patient Survey

LPPG were advised the results of the annual National Patient Survey covering some 7000 GP Surgeries had now been published and a national newspaper had analysed the results which showed Lapworth Surgery second best in the country based on patient responses to the service they receive from their GP’s. Interestingly Lapworth Surgery is the only surgery in that newspaper analysis which has been in the top ten surgeries for each of the past five years.

LPPG congratulated the Doctors and staff for these outstanding results which it was unanimously agreed was much deserved and reflects the fact that the Doctor knows the Patient and the Patient knows the Doctor, something that was of great importance for 98% of patients in our own PPG survey in 2018.


23) That Doctors and staff be congratulated on these outstanding results and thanked for their care, knowledge and hard work in supporting patients of Lapworth Surgery.

1921 Any other business

The Practice Manager advised that by the end of the year the Surgery would be offering video consultations on a pilot basis for specific categories of illness only and to access the service patients would need to download an app onto their phone in order for this to work.

The Group were advised it was planned to implement a new phone system next year which would enable better recording of patient information and requests.

The Practice Manager informed the Group that new racks had been acquired to hold magazines and issues of potential interest to patients attending the surgery; whilst a new notice board had also been commissioned which would be earmarked for “themed health week” priorities within the Surgery waiting room.

A bike rack was in the process of being acquired which would be placed within the Surgery car park enabling safe locking of cycles and encouraging a healthy alternative to visiting the surgery by car for those able and willing to do so.

The Practice Manager also advised that on health and safely grounds it had become necessary to restrict access to dogs within the confines of the surgery building which would now be limited to guide and assistive dogs only.


24) That the updates be noted

Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting was changed to Monday 2 March 2020 at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery

The meeting concluded at 8.00pm

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