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Lapworth Patient Participation Group

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 4 February 2019 at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery.

Present: Arthur Prescott; Chris Jacob; David Johnson ; Keisha Roche; Martin Jones; Yvonne Wade; Clive Whereat (Chair); Julie Briney (Practice Manager); Dr Gareth Rowland (part)
Apologies: Katie Hemming; Lizza Barnes; Simon Lee

1901 Minutes of last meeting

The Chair introduced the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 1 October 2018 which had been circulated previously.


1) That the minutes of the meeting held on 1 October 2018 be confirmed as a correct record

1902 Matters arising

Our representative on South Warwickshire PPG (SWPPG) advised the Group the midwifery service was now being delivered from 6 Hubs within the South Warwickshire region and despite this being introduced without any consultation with Surgeries he advised this was being introduced as part of a national initiative and was not subject to local area negotiation. As a result SWPPG had agreed to monitor its introduction and the intention was to get feedback from people who were utilising the new service and if possible from those who had also experienced the service before the change and therefore able to compare the two experiences.

The Practice Manager confirmed the surgery had not been consulted on the change but to date had not had any feedback from anyone the using new service since it had only recently been introduced. PPG members expressed disappointment that the service had been introduced without consultation and supported the approach proposed by SWPPG whilst recognising the difficulty in accessing this information since parents would not be accessing the midwifery service via their local surgery.

Our SWPPG representative also advised as part of an agreed learning and exchange visit he had attended a meeting of Tanworth in Arden PPG. He updated the group on that visit and shared in confidence their priorities for the year as we had done when their Chair had attended our previous meeting.


2) That David be thanked for his updates

3) That the LPPG supported the approach by the SWPPG to attempt to get feedback from users on the new midwifery service now being delivered via 6 hubs rather than being surgery based.

1903 Election of Chair for 2019

The current Chair advised the Group that he would be willing to stand as Chair of LPPG for 2019 but still believed there was a benefit in rotating the Chair every few years to provide a fresh approach to the role. The Group unanimously supported Clive continuing in his present role as Chair.


4) That Clive Whereat be elected as Chair of Lapworth PPG for 2019

1904 NHS England 10 year Plan published in January 2019

A power-point presentation had been circulated prior to the meeting and presented at the meeting showing the history of Lapworth surgery which opened in 2001 and a make-up of the population of the area originating from the 2011 National Census. This can be summarised as a predominantly rural area with above average owner occupied properties (compared to regional and national data) and above average health with 87.4% of residents saying their health did not impact on their activities.

The presentation also focussed on how the LPPG had evolved since being set up in 2014/15 and had as its agreed purpose “to keep Lapworth Surgery local and responsive to the needs of its patients” which was supported by over 99% of its patient population in a survey carried out by the PPG in 2018.

The Chair introduced a high level summary of the new 10 year plan for the NHS published in January 2019 by NHS England which had three declared aims for patient delivery namely:-

  1. Making sure everyone gets the best start in life

  2. Delivering world class care for major health problems

  3. Supporting people to age well

The PPG were advised the intention for NHS England to deliver this 10 year plan was via

  1. Doing things differently

  2. Preventing illness and tackling health inequalities

  3. Backing the NHS workforce through training and recruiting more professionals

  4. Making better use of data and digital technology

  5. Value for money – identifying ways of reducing duplication in how clinical services are delivered; improved buying power; and reducing spend on administration.

Doctor Rowland had joined the Group for this presentation and discussion and outlined to the Group changes that were being made to GP Contracts from April 2019 as part of the new NHS 10 year plan. He advised in his opinion this was the most significant change to GP contracts since 2004.

He stressed that he was still working through the 180 page document but one major change from the surgery perspective was from May 2019 funding for non-core services and staff would move from a local surgery basis to a local network of surgeries (consisting of 6 surgeries with a total patient population of around 50,000). The intention was non-core services (such as minor surgery, physiotherapy, pharmacist services etc) would over time be purchased by the local network of surgeries partly funded from exiting local surgery budgets.

He confirmed the funding for staff for the new local networks would be subsidised through funding from NHS England.


5) The LPPG welcomed the presentation and thanked Dr Rowland for sharing his early assessment of how the changes may impact on Lapworth Surgery in the future

6) LPPG reiterated its support for the Doctors and staff at Lapworth Surgery and confirmed the LPPG purpose of “keeping Lapworth Surgery Local and responsive to the needs of its patients” which was supported by over 99% of the patient population completing a survey in 2018,

7) That the rural nature of the area and poor public transport services made the area very different (and much more challenging) to access health services out of the locality than experienced in London and Urban areas.

8) That the LPPG requested to be kept informed (and consulted where possible) as proposals and plans emerge on how the 10 year plan impacts on delivery of GP services to patients of Lapworth surgery and the newly created local network within our area.

1905 Any other business

1) The Chair advised that he had been contacted by a patient of the surgery whose wife had sadly passed away recently. In memory of his wife, and as a thank you for the support he and his wife had received from the Doctors and staff at the surgery, he wished to make a donation of £2000 to the surgery via the LPPG for the purchase of equipment for the benefit to patients and doctors at the surgery that would not normally be available via core NHS funding. The donor had also brought attention to a recent BBC documentary on antibiotics which included reference to a machine that helps identify whether an infection is viral or bacterial and queried whether this would be beneficial and affordable for surgery use.

The LPPG wished to record their condolences for the sad loss of his wife and express their gratitude for his kind and generous donation.

2) The Practice manager advised the Group that a flu jab clinic would be held at Lapworth surgery sometime in September. Once the date was confirmed the LPPG agreed to publish this information (and the benefits of the having the flu jab) through its communication networks (including in the local magazines and the virtual PPG group via email) and encourage people to attend.

THE LPPG also thought this was an opportune time at that flu jab day to also publicise the local activities and events within the area that might be of benefit to those suffering from loneliness, an increasing national issue.

3) The Practice Manager advised that two additional local Hubs providing extended hours GP services up to 9pm had been opened in Southam and Kenilworth. The Group were reminded this was not a walk in service and would need to be booked via Lapworth Surgery receptionist staff. The nearest Hubs to the Surgery would be in Kenilworth and Stratford.

4) The Practice Manager also advised that from next Wednesday for a month there would be a kiosk in the Surgery supporting the monitoring and managing of Dementia which patients could sign up in support of.


9) That the updates be noted and proposed actions be agreed

10) That the Chair be asked to write to the person making a donation of £2000 to purchase equipment for the surgery in memory of his wife and pass on their condolences and thanks for the kind and generous donation

11) That the suggested purchase of equipment to fund a machine to identify whether an infection was viral or bacterial be passed on to the doctors for their consideration and if appropriate funded by LPPG raised funds and the new donation

Date of next meetings

The dates of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 3rd June 2019; with the one after being Monday 7 October 2019, both at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery

The meeting concluded at 8.10pm.

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