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Lapworth Patient Participation Group

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 1 October 2018 at 6.30pm at Lapworth Surgery.

Present: Arthur Prescott; Chris Jacob; Katie Hemming; Keisha Roche; Lizza Baines; Martin Jones; Simon Lee; Clive Whereat (Chair); Julie Briney (Practice Manager);
Invited Guests Amanda Colton (Engagement Officer South Warwickshire GP Confederation); John Patrick (Chair Tanworth in Arden PPG)
Apologies: David Johnson; Yvonne Wade

1812 Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Clive introduced the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 4 June 2018 which were circulated previously and also welcomed Katie Hemmings who had joined the Group as its newest member. Clive also welcomed John Patrick the Chair of Tanworth in Arden PPG who was here to observe how our PPG operated with David Johnson going to attend their PPG later that week as part of an information and learning exchange. Clive then introduced Amanda Colton who had come to brief us on the introduction of extended hours GP Hubs within the South Warwickshire area.


1) That the minutes of the meeting held on 4th June2018 be confirmed as a correct record

2) That there were no matters arising not covered in the current meeting agenda

3) That Katie Hemming be welcomed as a new member of the LPPG

4) That our invited be guests be welcomed and invited to take a full and active part in the meeting

1813 Results of Patient Satisfaction Survey 2018

The results of the NHS England patient survey has been circulated prior to the meeting. LPPG welcomed the results which showed

  • 98% of respondents usually get to see or speak to their preferred GP when they would like to (compared to a national average of 50%).
  • 91% of respondents were offered a choice of appointment when they tried to make a general practice appointment (national average 62%).
  • 99% of respondents are satisfied with the general practice appointment times available (national average 75%).
  • Lapworth Surgery ranked higher than the Clinical Commissioning Group average for the South Warwickshire area in each of the 18 questions asked by NHS England in the 2018 Patient Satisfaction Survey

Clive advised the Group that a national newspaper had analysed the results of all the Patient Satisfaction Survey results and Lapworth Surgery had been rated as one the top ten in the country and the top ranked in the whole of Warwickshire. He distributed copies showing Lapworth Surgery results alongside the highest rated surgery in the country along with the highest rated in the West Midlands in order to compare and contrast performance satisfaction ratings and identify any potential areas for learning.


5) That the Doctors and Surgery staff be congratulated on the outstanding Patient Satisfaction Results for 2018

6) That the Practice Manager be asked to liaise with the Doctors to consider the results of the two highest rated surgeries to identify any potential areas for learning.

1814 Briefing on Extended Access Hubs

Amanda Colton the Engagement Manager from the South Warwickshire GP Federation advised the Group of development s regarding extended hours patient access to GPs through the introduction of two Hubs within our area, one at Waterside Medical Practice in Leamington and the other at Trinity Court next to Stratford Hospital.

Amanda advised the Group that the Hubs has been operating since 4 September 2018 providing extended access to a GP in South Warwickshire from 6.30 to 8.80 pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on a Saturday and Sunday. She advised this was not a walk in Centre and access to the service could only be achieved via an appointment being made through the patients local GP Surgery and could not be booked online. In response to a query she confirmed that currently it was not possible to obtain an appointment out of hours via the NHS 111 phone line service but it was hoped to develop that opportunity in the future if IT system logistical problems could be overcome.

She advised that 33 Practices within the South Warwickshire area (including our own) were linked to this extended hours service which was known as “GP Plus” and there were 78 staff on the books to support the two Hubs. Under the “fair share” agreement reached with those 33 Practices it equated to 3 extended hours appointments per week available for Lapworth surgery patients

Along with all the LPPG members, Amanda had been copied into the results of the LPPG Survey (see minute 1814 below) regarding the views and introduction of GP Plus Hubs within the South Warwickshire area and she acknowledged the results of that survey plus the NHS England Patient Satisfaction showed how much the patients valued the service provided at Lapworth surgery and the continuity of service where the Doctor knows the Patient and the Patient knows the Doctor.

At the same time she pointed out this was the exception rather the rule within the South Warwickshire area and nationally and despite the overwhelming support for the Doctors at our surgery there were still some who said they would benefit from the opportunity the extended hours GP Plus Hub service offered to them.

In the ensuing debate it was acknowledged the introduction of the Hubs provided an opportunity to further enhance the excellent service to patients currently provided at Lapworth Surgery. At the same time it was pointed out that we lived in a rural area with almost non-existent public transport making it virtually impossible to get to either of the Hubs unless able to drive. The concern from LPPG was not around the introduction of the Hubs but whether the funding for this would be top sliced from existing funding for GP surgeries putting at risk the viability of our own highly valued Surgery which was the smallest in the South Warwickshire area.

Clive advised the Group he had attended an away day organised by NHS England where this question had been specifically asked and assurances were given that new money had been provided to fund this GP Plus service and it would not be top sliced from existing GP budgets.


7) That Amanda Colton be thanked for her briefing on extended GP access hours through the introduction of two GP Plus Hubs in Leamington and Stratford

8) That the LPPP acknowledged the potential benefits to patients of the GP Plus service but on the understanding this was an enhancement to the existing GP service and did not put at risk the existing outstanding service provided by the Doctors and staff at Lapworth Surgery

9) That the LPPG wished to record the importance of GP and dispensary services being delivered locally within rural areas such as ours because of the poor to non-existent transport facilities which is very different from that provided in London and large urban areas

10) That the LPPG were comforted by assurances from NHS England that the GP Plus services was being funded from new money and not being top sliced from existing GP funding which could threaten the viability of Lapworth Surgery

11) That in a non-political way the LPPG would monitor these assurances through regular updates on the introduction of this service, its usage and impact on Lapworth surgery and its patients

1815 Results of LPPG survey

The results of the survey as at 22 September had been circulated with the agenda prior to the meeting. Clive subsequently updated this and distributed the final results on 3 October once the survey had closed on 30 September and the results analysed. It should be noted there were no material differences in the results from those considered at the meeting.

The final survey results were as follows from the 352 people who completed the survey:-

  • 98% agreed with the LPPG express aim of keeping our surgery local where the Doctor knows the patient and the patient knows the Doctor.
  • 97% recognised the importance and value of the Dispensary being provided as part of the Surgery and want to retain it.
  • 27% agreed with the opening of extended hours GP Hubs with a further 33% neither agreeing or disagreeing.
  • 88% said they would wait to see their own Doctor rather than use the Hubs unless a medical emergency.


12) That the results of the survey be shared with South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

13) That LPPG will actively seek to ensure the introduction of Hubs is an enhancement to the existing excellent service we receive from Doctor Rowland, Doctor Bates and the Lapworth surgery team

14) That LPPG will monitor in a non-political way assurances given by NHS England that the funding of the Hubs is new money and not taken from existing funding for GP services

15) That LPPG will continue to support the Doctors and staff to seek to maintain our highly valued local service where the Doctor knows the patient and the patient knows the Doctor

1816 Any other business

The Group were advised that NHS England were organising a series of Seminars across the country on Online Services. David Johnson had kindly agreed to attend on our behalf. David was also on a working party looking at the problems faced by patients and the impact on Surgeries following the upgrading of the EMIS Patient Access service. Although these problems had now been largely resolved a working party had been set up within South Warwickshire PPG to learn lessons and try and ensure such problems are not faced in future upgrades to the system.

Julie updated on the reorganisation of the Community Midwifery Service into 5 area based Hubs and concerns it had been implemented with no known consultation or briefing on the changes and their impact on patients.

There was a brief discussion on the contents of the latest National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP) e-bulletin and in particular their advice in engaging with children and youths in respect of health and GP services; and signposting of non GP services to address the increasing nationwide issue of loneliness particularly (but not exclusively) faced by certain elderly patients.

It was agreed to delegate to Clive and Julie to produce an article for the two parish magazines based on the results of the NHS England Patient Satisfaction survey and the LPPG survey.

Julie updated the Group on the provision of 6 extra car park spaces at the Surgery which would cause some temporary disruption to patients week commencing 13 October but alternative parking had been arranged on the adjacent Village Hall. She also advised on the dates for Flu Clinics which this year needed to be provide separately for under and over 65 year olds with the over 65s receiving an additional strain of the vaccine. As part of the clinic on 13 October the surgery would also be running a coffee and cakes morning with all donations going to the Local Charity Shakespeare Hospice at Home helping families of children with terminal illnesses.

She also updated on changes to the Doctors attendance days at the Surgery following Doctor Rowland’s appointment with the Clinical Commissioning Group on a Wednesday representing rural Practices. Julie advised the overall hours of Doctor support at the Surgery provided by Doctor Rowland and Doctor Bates overall would remain unchanged.


16) That the updates be noted

1811 Dates of next meetings

Dates of the core meetings for 2019 were briefly discussed


17) The dates of 2019 meetings be confirmed as Monday 4th February 2019; Monday 3rd June 2019; and Monday 7 October 2019

The meeting concluded at 7.45pm.

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