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Special Points of Interest:

  • Practice Participation Group
  • Dispensing
  • Friends and Family
  • Seven Day Opening
  • Ebola
  • Online Access

Practice Participation Group

Thank you to the brave, intrepid and mostly Octogenarian volunteers that have signed up to be part of the Patient Participation group. The PPG is not a splinter group of a middle eastern terrorist organization, but a group of hard work-ing souls who are working with us to improve the way the practice helps the local population and generally make the surgery a better place.

They have been meeting regularly with Julie Briney our practice manager to give ideas and evaluate options for the practice.

Okay so here’s a tricky one! Without being age or anythingelseist!

Our group is supposed to be representative of the practice population and we need some young people. I know in the real world young people, i.e. the under 50’s !,are likely to be up to their eyes in work, nappies, cardio-vascular exercise or reality TV and probably the concept of wanting to be involved in this sort of group will prob-ably never make it onto the front page of your to-do list .

Putting the real world to one side for a minute, if there are any young super-men/superwomen that feel their day is not already 101% full and would be interested in fielding a few emails and having an influence on the direction of the practice, then make yourself known to Julie Briney our practice manager by phone or email:
Tel: 01564 783 983
Email: [email protected]

You really would be most welcome.


Our dispensers Debbie and Laura clear the silver box and the on-line medication requests in the morning and at 1:00pm.

We ask for 2 working days notice for routine medication. So if you drop it in at 11pm on Tuesday after the pub, it will not be ready on Thursday morning! Obviously 11pm drop offs on Friday won’t be ready on Monday either.

Thanks for your understanding. Please register at the desk for online access, it really is by far the most efficient way.

Friends and Family

From this year the government require us to spend valuable resources asking you the ques-tion ‘ would you recommend this doctor to your friends and family?’ This is clearly a clinical priority….

The obvious answer of no, my family live in Dorset is not the answer we are looking for.

If you feel you can say anything constructive or useful when faced with this question it would be wonderful if you could log onto ‘Iwantgreatcare.org’ and leave us some feedback please. Alternatively ‘NHS Choices ‘ has a similar site.

The more positive reports we get, the more likely that the surgery is able to continue and concentrate on your clinical care rather than writing reports on why we have no feedback!

It really would help the surgery if you can find time to do this. Thank you so much for this, another life saved.

Seven Day Opening

Obviously a big one in the press recently. By 2020 according to the prime minister all GP sur-geries will be open 12 hours a day 7 days a week staffed by volunteers from the porcine flying corps.

The funding allocated for this ambitious plan is roughly equivalent to £1 per patient per year for 5 years. Then £0 funding per year after that.

So £2500 pounds a year for our surgery. This is not enough to employ a receptionist for the time involved. A locum doctor will charge £500-600 A DAY!

We could not offer enough of a salary to attract another doctor in to cover the surgery for the extra 32 hours a week so Caron and I would have to cover them. I am young and strong and in good health so I suspect I could sustain this for a few months without hav-ing a physical/mental breakdown.

At that point, I guess, would be the end….

So, as usual ,the devil is in the detail. Clearly if the infor-mation given is correct and is followed through then at some stage Caron and I need to change career and you guys need to find another surgery.

If it was all made up on the spot, the usual random gibber-ish, then hopefully back on planet Earth we can all carry on as normal.

If at some stage I need you to all write to your MP, pray or keep your fingers crossed I will let you know!



Okay, I don’t want to spread panic ( or anything else) and I freely admit I don’t know how this one will affect us.

Lots of our patients travel, many to Africa, and some to affected areas of West Africa. If you have a high fever, recent travel or contact with anyone with the disease in the last 21 days DO NOT come to the surgery. Arrange a telephone appointment so we can triage and arrange suitable testing. We do not have access to suitable protective equipment and have no training in how to use it. If an infected patient does get as far as the front desk/waiting room the Health Protection Agency advised that staff would be quarantined and the surgery closed for some days, possibly the whole 21 day incubation period. This would be catastrophic for the healthcare of the local population.

Hands are your biggest risk. Wash them regularly and carefully. We think there is a strong case for no longer shaking hands when we greet each other as a simple way to reduce transmission of Ebola, influenza etc. Toilets are the next biggest risk, I will be crossing my legs when next on a plane!

Online Access, Reviews and Immunisations

This coming year we will be offering you on-line access to your medical records so you can see just how bad my spoolling really is.

The patient participation group are trialling it to see if it seems to work, then we will roll out to those over 16. If you already have an online password to order your medication you are half way there.

Next year we will give you access to all the diagnoses on your record, your current medication, allergies etc. through a secure password, like online banking. Your details have not and will not be available to others as part of this process.

Finally, please come to reviews and get your flus and immunisations done. Not only are they good for your health but they also make money for the practice which is more likely to make it viable long term, government willing!

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